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Benefit Rates England 2023/24

Basic State Retirement Pension

Attendance Allowance 

Higher Rate
Lower Rate

Non Contributory



New State Pension

Full Rate


Carers Allowance


Pension Credit

Standard Amount
Couple Standard Amount
Single Savings Credit Threshold
Single Savings Credit Maximum
Couples Savings Credit Threshold
Couples Savings Credit Maximum
Severe Disability Premium


Capital Allowances (disregarded for Pension Credit)

Living at home
Living in a care home


Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Care Component
High  £101.75                 Middle  £68.10               Low  £26.90

Mobility Component
High  £71.00                 Low  £26.90

NHS Funded Nursing Care

England (paid by NHS)
those currently on high band


Wales (paid by individual local health boards)


Scotland (paid by Scottish Executive)
Personal Care
Nursing Care


Northern Ireland 
(paid by Health & Social Services Board)








Personal Independence Payment (PIP) 

Daily Living Component
Enhanced    £101.75                             Standard   £68.10

Mobility Component
Enhanced    £71.00                              Standard   £26.90

Local Authority Thresholds Contribution Rate £1 per £250 (excluding Wales)


Upper Limit        

Lower Limit
Personal Allowance



In Care Home

At Home     
Personal Allowance



Upper Limit        

Lower Limit
Personal Allowance


Northern Ireland

Upper Limit      

Lower Limit
Personal Allowance


Earnings Allowance (per week)


You can get Attendance Allowance if

you have reached State Pension age.

You must be aged 16 or over and usually

have not reached State Pension age to claim

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