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What we do

Our services meet the complex and varied needs of all of those involved in care:


For members of the public


Whether dealing with an immediate care need or planning ahead for a possible need there are lots of questions you will need to ask – and many you may not have even thought of.


  • Are you aware of all the different types of care which are available?


  • Do you know what your entitlement to benefits and state funding support will be?


  • Do you know the options to fund your care while legitimately protecting any inheritance?


  • Do you understand what the care reforms may mean to you?


  • Have you considered the legal implications of care such as the way your house is owned, the impact your will may have and the importance of appointing someone to act on your behalf should you become unable to?


Our service can address all of these questions and more.





















For attorneys and trustees


Those who have been appointed to act on behalf of someone else or for a trust have particular responsibilities. Taking independent advice from The Care Advice Line on how best to dealing with a current or potential future need can help to meet those obligations.


For local authorities


The Care Act 2014 places new responsibilities on councils to establish and maintain information and advice services relating to care and support, for all people in its area.


This information and advice service should be timely and personalised to support people with existing needs and those who may be concerned about a future need. These services should also include access to independent and regulated financial advice.


The Care Advice Line has been commissioned to provide these services to local authorities. We are able to offer a tailored service to meet specific needs and requirements, helping councils to deliver on their obligations, to improve outcomes for citizens, to reduce pressures on their limited resources and to deliver a cost effective “invest to save” strategy.


For charities and voluntary groups


We recognise that many charities and voluntary groups come across individuals and families with a care need and may feel that the information and advice required may be beyond their capabilities and The Care Advice Line is able to assist in such situations.


For care providers


The Care Advice Line works closely with care providers by providing a support service to staff, advice to residents and families and guidance on self funding strategies to maintain choice of care and estate protection. 


For professionals


Professionals will also have clients who have or are concerned about a future care need and The Care Advice Line is able to offer assistance so that the advice process is co-ordinated and effective.

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