Information and advice


The first phase of the Care Act came into effect on 1 April 2015, and marks the start of a series of reforms that will fundamentally overhaul our care funding system.


While some of the headline claims are that these changes will reduce the financial burden on individuals and families, we believe the new legislation will in fact present a more complex and demanding position on which specialist guidance will be more crucial than ever.


Most of the funding changes become effective from April 2020 and therefore those with a current or imminent care need will have to deal with both the current and the new system, many elements of which are still under consultation.


In order that we can provide enquirers with the most up to date and accurate assistance during his period of transition, The Care Advice Line has simplified the information on its website and will only issue its information bulletins after speaking to enquirers. This will enable that we can take account of all aspects of an individual’s situation and highlight changes that will impact on their position.


Please don’t rely on information or factsheets that might be out of date or which might not reflect the forthcoming system changes - simply call our helpline on 0161 413 7860.


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