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Information and Advice

While there are lots of factsheets and leaflets available on care and its funding, these are generic and often only provide an overview of the system. In practice, care is a highly personalised issue and The Care Advice Line’s information and advice service is able to reflect your individual circumstances, offer advice which is specific to your situation and provides easy to follow, joined up help which we know you will find cost effective.








Our charge is £39.99 which provides you with:


  • Unlimited access to our helpline team for 3 months

  • Personalised information and advice to co-ordinate your care issues

  • Details of benefits, rights and entitlements

  • Contact details and supports


Our service offers help and assistance on:


  • Negotiating the care system

  • Benefit entitlement

  • State support

  • Paying care fees

  • NHS funding

  • Legal issues

  • Securing care

  • Managing assets



Who is the service for?


  • Individuals with a current care need

  • Individuals concerned about a future care need

  • Carers looking after a family member or friend



What kind of questions can we answer?


  • What type of care support is available?

  • Am I eligible for any state funded support?

  • Do I have to sell my house to pay for my care?

  • How can I set up a Power of Attorney?



How is the service provided?


Our service is provided by telephone so that we can deal with each individual’s circumstances and requirements.


Our helpline team deal with enquiries in the order they are received and we aim to respond to all enquiries within 5 working days.


Telephone calls may be recorded for quality and monitoring purposes.


“That makes a lot of sense. It’s such change when people explain things properly. I can’t thank    you enough for your advice and your time. Excellent service and thank you again my lovely.”

 Sarah D

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