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The Challenge - Questions to ask yourselves


  • How will you manage enquiries resulting from the provisions of the Care Act? How will you ensure that you have the resources and expertise to meet this new demand?


  • Will you be able to offer more than just basic information about care and support with your current resources?


  • Are you able to offer ‘personalised information’ to individuals on their specific needs, in line with the principles of the Care Act?


  • Are you able to ensure that all citizens who require information and advice on care are able to access easily via a variety of mediums?


  • How can you safeguard against inappropriate legal and financial advice being given to your citizens and potential reputational damage to the council?


  • Have you considered how you will manage raised expectations?


  • A decision made today could have significant consequences for individuals, and indeed local authorities; will your citizens have all the facts to make informed decisions?

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