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We believe our service should be judged by the feedback from our service users. A small selection of which are provided below

What People Say About Us

Heather B


"Thank you, that’s been really useful. Most places you ring just tell you very general things but you've given me lots to think about, lots of information for me to take away and act on. Thank you."

Ms H


"That's really helpful, thank you very much.  Really appreciate it as the worry of the house having a debt against it was really concerning dad."

Mr W


"Well thank you very much for that.  Oh my god its complicated but it’s been great talking to you and I've written loads of notes. Thank you once again."

Mrs U


"I'm very appreciative of your efforts. Its fantastic customer service this. You've helped me such a lot and been so much more helpful than social services were the other day, they just made me even more upset."

Mr E


"Great, I get that now. Thank you for your call, for your patience in explaining it to me and for your time. I very much appreciate it. You have a good day love."

Mrs G


"Wow, what a surprise, that's such a weight off my mind - thank you ever so much for your advice, so useful, glad we discussed how old I was as its made all the difference!"



"Thank you, lovely. Its fantastic talking to you, you are the only person who has confirmed things for us. You are wonderful and have poured clear cement over everything we have experienced since Christmas.  I'm very very grateful and thanks again, super job."

Mrs C


"Well this has been the most valuable telephone call I've had for a long, long time so thank you very much."

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