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The importance of speaking to someone


Our experience has shown us the overwhelming importance of citizens being able to talk to someone about their specific issues and situation. Navigating care is complex and very personal as everyone’s situation is different.


Coupled with the care reforms, the requirement to have personalised information and advice will be more important than ever to ensure that people make the right decisions not only about their wellbeing but also their financial wellbeing – a core principle of the Care Act.


The House of Lords and the subsequent Care and Support Statutory Guidance both stressed caution about relying solely or too heavily on digital channels and that information and advice should include a range or mediums including telephone, face to face and promotional material.


Councils should be cautious of an over-reliance on websites to inform and educate and the ability to provide the personalised advice so greatly needed. The perceived explosion of ‘silver surfers’ is not quite the reality and the consequence for you could be an explosion of telephone calls!


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