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Trust our experience


The Care Advice Line brings together a unique combination of long term experience, proven citizen outcomes, professional standing, a customer satisfaction and a recognised pioneer of establishing existing best practice information and advice models within local authorities, NHS and third sector organisations.


Our services can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. This may just be a service specifically for self-funders, including independent financial advice and access to regulated financial advice or it may also include a broader universal information and advice offering to alleviate some the pressure on your resources and also deliver a good customer/citizen experience, or other information and advice services and support you require.


In addition to a citizen service (including a helpline and website) we are also able to offer you a full support package to help you and your staff successfully introduce these services into your council processes and the wider care community. If required we can support you to:


  • Review existing processes and identify new pathways or amend existing pathways.


  • Recommend changes to existing pathways, documentation, CRM systems, website etc to aid direct referral to the service.


  • Provide training services to frontline staff so they fully understand the service and how it can help their customers.


  • Create awareness materials/copy/articles to promote the service to your citizens.


  • Engage with your partners in the care community such as the NHS and third sector organisations to introduce pathways to the service(s) ensuring there is a single pathway for all.


Additionally if required we are able to provide you with:


  • Monthly reports providing activity levels and anonymised details of the outcomes of your citizens’ interactions with the service(s).


  • Promotional materials such as leaflets and posters which can be distributed across the council and also to partners in the NHS and third sector to help raise awareness within the community.


  • Six monthly review meetings so we can review outcomes and identify areas of best practice and replicate across other areas in the council/community.


  • Best practice from other local authorities so that you can benchmark and share experiences.


  • Plus other bespoke services and support as may be required.

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